Sunday, 26 April 2009

A nice clip of Nova Scotia scenery!

Jacks school

Managed to sort Jack's new school, its called Winding River.

Gracie hopefully arranged for daycare too in Stewiacke

Stewiacke House

Have managed to secure this house as a rental. Really pleased, we looked round it last year as it was for sale and loved it. Cant believe it has come up for rent with potential purchase.


Learning to fish.

Jack has decided that when we get to Nova Scotia we will be keen fishermen.
Having never been before I decided I needed to learn, so this weekend I went out with psycho (a work colleague) in order that he could show me the ropes.
After 25 mins he had caught his first fish and his second after an hour. After 5 hrs I caught my first trout!
By the end of the trip I had caught 3 and bought them home in a bucket, much to Nikki's delight.
Managed to gut them and prepare them for cuisine, which I had tonight, fried rainbow trout fillet rolled in porridge oats.