Saturday, 20 June 2009

We made it!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for delay in updating, but things have been fairly hectic!!

We landed as Permanent residents on the 9th June at Halifax International Airport NS. The flight went really well, after staying at the Hilton hotel Gatwick and the process through immigration was really quick and easy, with no difficult questions!

We headed from the airport straight to the house, which is great!

Jack has started school and even goes on the school bus and he has settled in really quickly, although they break up for the summer hols next week, he has already made some friends. Gracie also will be starting daycare soon, this is just down the road in the town, so really handy.

Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming, popping by to say hi and introduce themselves, I even managed to meet the mayor of our town last week.!

The friday after we arrived I had an interview followed by another on Wed this week just gone and I was really chuffed to be offered both jobs. I have taken the 2nd one as the benefits were a lot better and the drive in is a lot easier than the other job.

We have bought a car, which we will collect next week and spent quite a lot getting things for the house, but we are settling in well, the kids are happy and the place is amazing!!

Looking forward to being able to show family and friends in due course, our own stuff arrives on Monday after we cleared it with customs in Halifax on Thursday last week so that will be great.

More blogging to follow soon, will try and update weekly ish!

Thank you everyone for all the support, good wishes and cards etc we have received they are all dotted around the house!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Family weekend

We spent the last weekend with our lovely cousins from Essex and their little ones and Andy's Mum and Dad and Brother and Sister in law and family.

It was a scorcher of a weekend and we had a lovely BBQ courtesy of Rob and Sash on Saturday and then visited the beach early on Sunday morning.

It was a really special weekend for us to remember and the kids all had a great time aswell as us lot!!

We are now staying with Linda and John, I have finished work and Andy has a couple of shifts left, time is flying by running round with last minute things to do and I have 2 interviews set up for when I arrive, so everything x something will come off!

Thanks everyone

Link to photos here

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes!

Packers arrived at 8am sharp, 2 man team, so far really quick and efficient!

Very weird seeing everything all packed and wrapped up.

We head to my Dads tonight for a few days, the container will be delivered tomorrow morning and will go straight to Rochester on the way to Halifax. Fingers crossed it wont be too long waiting the other side to come out of customs!

Cornwall Weekend

We headed down to see my Mum in Cornwall this bank holiday with my brother Adam.

The weather was amazing and we spent some lovely time altogether, visiting little fishing villages and a lovely place called Cardinham Woods.

Jack had really good fun playing with Joseph who lives on the next door farm to my mum, cricket, football, exploring the fields and managed to lose his trainer in a cowpat, great!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is link to the photos of the weekend,

Back in time to what I thought would be long enough to get sorted for the packers arriving on Tues, how wrong can you be!! spent the next 9 hrs clearing cupboards, making trips to the tip, packing suitcases, managed to grab a final curry and watch the 24 season finale!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Surprise weekend

Well, what a great weekend! expecting to see Auntie and Uncle for Sunday lunch, but on Sat afternoon they arrived with my cousins and kids who I havent seen for about 6 and 8 years! I was somewhat shocked when I opened the door to see them on the doorstep, but so chuffed to see them and grateful that they had made the long journey to come and see us for the weekend!

My Dad had arranged it all a couple of months ago, without any word to me. Jack and his new football buddy Josh did not stop kicking the ball all weekend and we all ate some good food, nice drinks and great laugh.

All vowed to it not being such a long gap this time and hopefully they will all be visiting us in Canada at some stage, yay!!!

Here is a family photo of us all for the Album!!

A great weekend was had by all !!

Update re other stuff, Archie all booked for flight week after us, received confirmation of shipping freight info for our container and have sorted land line and internet in NS for when we arrive.

Slowly getting there with the list of things to do!!,


Sunday, 26 April 2009

A nice clip of Nova Scotia scenery!

Jacks school

Managed to sort Jack's new school, its called Winding River.

Gracie hopefully arranged for daycare too in Stewiacke