Sunday, 3 May 2009

Surprise weekend

Well, what a great weekend! expecting to see Auntie and Uncle for Sunday lunch, but on Sat afternoon they arrived with my cousins and kids who I havent seen for about 6 and 8 years! I was somewhat shocked when I opened the door to see them on the doorstep, but so chuffed to see them and grateful that they had made the long journey to come and see us for the weekend!

My Dad had arranged it all a couple of months ago, without any word to me. Jack and his new football buddy Josh did not stop kicking the ball all weekend and we all ate some good food, nice drinks and great laugh.

All vowed to it not being such a long gap this time and hopefully they will all be visiting us in Canada at some stage, yay!!!

Here is a family photo of us all for the Album!!

A great weekend was had by all !!

Update re other stuff, Archie all booked for flight week after us, received confirmation of shipping freight info for our container and have sorted land line and internet in NS for when we arrive.

Slowly getting there with the list of things to do!!,



  1. Hi Nikki it's great to see that you're on your way and that things are working out for you.

    Steve (screene on BEF)