Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cornwall Weekend

We headed down to see my Mum in Cornwall this bank holiday with my brother Adam.

The weather was amazing and we spent some lovely time altogether, visiting little fishing villages and a lovely place called Cardinham Woods.

Jack had really good fun playing with Joseph who lives on the next door farm to my mum, cricket, football, exploring the fields and managed to lose his trainer in a cowpat, great!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is link to the photos of the weekend,


Back in time to what I thought would be long enough to get sorted for the packers arriving on Tues, how wrong can you be!! spent the next 9 hrs clearing cupboards, making trips to the tip, packing suitcases, managed to grab a final curry and watch the 24 season finale!!

1 comment:

  1. Hello guys,

    What a wonderful adventure, hum??

    I like your blog and all the pictures...

    I come more often to check your journey. God bless you all....